Transform Your Organization

Develop and tailor solutions for outstanding results. That's what we do here in Primtek. We take your process and ideas to create a streamlined task flow to drive your company towards success and maximum efficiency.

Custom Software

Custom Software Development

From fast growing companies to businesses and local cities. We've built custom software to turn paper into a thing of the past and make efficiency become the standard of today's workflow. Why use off-the-shelf products when we can develop a software specific to your company's needs and goals with the added benefit of saving you cost, resources and hours of work in the long run?

Service and Track Web Applications

Service and Track softwares have saved companies an enormous amount of time and money by simply turning tasks like dispatching workers, creating work orders, invoicing customers, keeping track of shipments, inventory and accounting into one versatile software that does it all. The best part about it? We can custom make it for you.

Service and Track

Website Development

Website Development

Websites do more than simply display facts and information about your company. They make your presence known to the world and connect you to the right audience. We create websites that showcase your brand, philosophy and your company’s strong points. With this, you're sure to make an impact.

More Services

Custom Web Applications

Looking for something functional and useable that will increase your overall productivity? We offer a technically smart and user-friendly web application for your business.

Custom Web Portals

Does your team spend a lot of time searching for the latest version of a document? A customized web portal serves as a ‘hub’ that allows employees to get up-to-date invoices, inventory, or project documents.

Custom Mobile Applications

Eliminate excess paperwork out in the field with mobile applications. We design mobile applications that turns service tickets, work orders or inventory tracking documents paperless.

Cloud Computing

We offer cloud computing services so that you can store and access data and programs over the internet, not your hard drive.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to be at the top of your search engines list for your product or service? We provide SEO services to make sure that you and your business are #1.

Search Engine Marketing

Let us show you how a ‘pay-per-click’ marketing campaign can increase your visibility and achieve higher ranking in optimizing your webpage.