We don't just develop software, we custom make it for you. we design it for your success. we provide outstanding customer service. we meet all your most important needs. we deliver quality work and products.

We've taken on multiple projects over the course of a decade and we've always kept one goal in mind: develop products that can transform an organization and drive them towards success.

We're not just any software company. We are precise. We are quality. We are Primtek.

Who We Are

Tired of keeping up with obsolete business management systems and tidious handwritten forms? Ever wondered what it's like to invest your time making more money rather than keeping up with people, papertrails and figuring out a better service and tracking system to implement in your business? We opened our doors in December 2010 with the simple belief that technology, when harnessed properly, can successfully transform an organization—we've been doing just that and more.

We've spent an enormous amount of time learning many industries like oil and gas, real estate, mechanical, construction and retail. Coming up with solutions and developing those into robust and powerful software is what we do best. We back it up with outstanding customer support and a relationship built in trust and fortified with excellence.

Our Team

  • Scott Dufrene
  • Garrett Dufrene
  • Chase Pierce
  • Travis Duryea
  • Adam Miller
  • Jed Singh
  • Subash Ranabhat